Sewer Hose Bandit

No one was hurt, nothing was damaged and nothing was stolen in any of these events. These events may not have even happened. "I'm Just Saying"


Sewer hose bandits struck in plain daylight yesterday at the RV park.
The victims, Lenny and Wendy Williams were interviewed along with some eye witnesses.
Lenny, a former Vietnam Veteran stated the 2 perpetrators had attacked his sewer hose and changed the direction the S--t flows. They tried to make the S—t flow uphill.

According to eye witnesses they stated there were 2 villains involved.
The main villain they believe is from the Fort Meyers area and may be a politician. There is no proof about the politician part but people say when he talks there seems to be a lot of BS flying around. Rumor also has it that this same villain made new members feel so bad that they went out and bought donuts for the rest of the group. How dastardly can you get.
The second accomplice is very tall and is believed to be from the Brooksville area. He also has a large red dog. He was last seen leaving the scene laughing his A-s off. He is also believed to be a Vietnam Veteran.
Lenny said he can’t believe a fellow veteran would do such a dastardly deed to a fellow veteran.
The 2 perpetrators are not armed but are hilarious. If spotted it is recommended you lock your sewer hoses up, or at the least check to make sure they have not tampered with them to try making your S—t run up hill.


It has been reported that one of the suspects felt sooooooo bad he felt the need to attend church this morning for CONFESSION

.One Sewer Bandit suspect was apprehended this morning by Wendy Williams. The photo shows her taking Ira Minor into custody and booking him. No additional details regarding the second suspect at this time. However, the RV Police are hot on the trail of a big dude who has been known to be a mischief maker. Check back for further details.

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