Step Bandit

No one was hurt, nothing was damaged and nothing was stolen in any of these events. These events may not have even happened. "I'm Just Saying"


We had the “Sewer Hose Bandit”, now we have the “Step Bandit”. It has just come to the attention of the authorities at Lazydays that there was a step bandit that struck in plain daylight while one un-identified couple was out to lunch. Now this was not just any old step, it was one very expensive step with  adjustable legs and was also brand new.
               The story behind this is that the wife was having difficulty making the first step into their coach because the front was so high for leveling. The wife suggested to her husband why don’t you just get a box or order a step on line. Well a box wouldn’t work and online would take several days. By then they would be back home.
               So the husband and a friend went to Camping World to get a step. Well I want to tell you that friend talked the husband into buying the most expensive step in the store. Needless to say when the husband returned with the step in hand and told the wife about the price all she could say is “I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT, I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT!”
               Well the husband said what does that mean you just can’t take it. He never did get an answer..
               Now they have this expensive step, A wife that just can’t take it, and on top of all that the “Step Bandit” comes by in broad daylight and steals their expensive step. I mean of all the things someone could do, that just takes the cake. As fate would have it, the step mysteriously showed up. However it seems that there were several nights the couple heard a commotion outside their coach and over heard two guys with flashlights talking about taking their step and even their lawn chairs. They said the chairs were cheap chairs so they wouldn’t bother with them. It was rumored that once the two guys were mooned by the husband, they left mumbling “I just can’t take it, I just can’t take it” and were never seen or heard from again.
I’m Just Saying.

Rondon Consulting 2015